Espandar Holding

About Espandar Cement Investment Company

Cement holdings are playing the main role in cement markets nowadays and Espandar investment co.(ECIC) consisting of three cement companies (Arta Ardebil, Faraz Firouzkuh and Neyzar Qom) ,two lime factories (Azarshahr and Alborz) ,one shipping company called َAmn Tarabar Almas Espandar Transporter, One information technology company called Espandar Total Solution Company (ETSC) as the one and the only private cement holding in Iran, already has 6% of Iran`s total cement production.
Espandar cement holding is also a successful joint venture between Iranian and foreign investors and this joint venture lead the group to produce high-quality products recognized in the market under its very own Espandar brand.
Espandar Management`s focus has always been on the long-term human resource programs and recognition of skills as much as investment on technology and production. Also safety and occupational health for life protection and integrity of our workers has been a pillar corporate policy of Espandar.
Saving energy, taking care of the environment and keeping our nature clean and tidy has always been on the top of Espandar priorities.
The sincere thanks of Espandar to our workers due to their continuous loyalty, enthusiasm and extraordinary performance, to the communities which are hosts to our cement plants in order to support our industrial activities and finally to our customers whom their loyalty to Espandar brand can never be valued very highly.

Managers of Espandar Cement Investment Company

Mehrdad Afkhami
Managing Director
Pierre François Hessler

Chairman Of The Board
Nicolas Mathys

Member Of The Board
Andre Kortel

Member Of The Board